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Clogged Drain Repair Murrieta Ca.

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Clogged Drain Repair Service

Clogged Drain Repair Service

Clogged drain repair service. It's an inevitable nuisance that plague most households all over the country. Kitchen, bathrooms, and utility sinks, as well as dishwashers, and bathtubs can suffer clogs that make them inoperable. While many homeowners might attempt to repair drains on their own, it's not recommended unless you have plumbing know-how. Ideally, it's best to call a professional plumber who can safely clear your drains for use again. Many homeowners who try to repair drains on their own may employ products or practices that actually damage their pipes, which can lead to far more expensive fixes than the simple clearing of a drain.

How Will Your Plumber Unclog Your Drain?

For many common household clogs, your plumber will use an auger, sometimes referred to as a snake, to unclog a drain. There is both manual (hand-turning) and electric augers that can be used for a clogged drain repair. While sewer repair technicians might employ a large auger housed in a drum, your plumber will likely use a more basic auger to attack a kitchen or bathtub drain. To unclog the drain, the plumber will snake the auger through the drain until it reaches the clog. A skilled plumber can typically feel when the auger has hit the clog. By maneuvering the auger, the plumber can break through the clog so that the pipe is usable once again.

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Hydro Jetting Is Used for the toughest Clogs

Hydro Jetting Equipment

Hydro Jetting Equipment

In some cases, an auger might not be able to sufficiently break through the clog to clear the pipe. For tough clogs, your plumber is likely to use hydro jetting for the clogged drain repair. This technique employs high-pressure streams of water that literally blast through the clog and push the debris through the pipe where it can safely exit into the larger pipes of the sewer system.

Preventing a Clogged Drain

If you notice that you have a slow drain, it's a good idea to invite your plumber over to clean your drains. A slow drain is a sign that debris may be building up.

For example, if hair is getting into your bathtub drain, it can lead to a buildup in the drain that will eventually cause a backup or clog. Kitchen sinks and dishwashers can become clogged by food particles that wash into the drain.

Although many homeowners try to do their best to block these draining-clogging elements from entering their plumbing system, there are other issues that can lead to clogged drains like tree roots or even flooding.

To keep your plumbing system running smoothly, you can ask your plumber to periodically service slow drains. If you do experience a clog, call your plumber right away.

Clogged drain repairs generally don't take very long for an expert and most homeowners find that the expense is well worth it in order to safeguard their plumbing system. Murrieta Plumbing Company DBA Big B's Plumbing Company License #986152


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