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Gas Line Installation and Repair In Wildomar, CA

Did you get hit with a gas leak? Or maybe you're installing a new outdoor barbeque, and you need a new gas line installed. Whatever the case, at Big B's Plumbing we have a team of gas line installation experts ready for dispatch. Perhaps you just purchased a new gas appliance, and you want it installed to perfection, we're ready for the call. Our customer service representatives answer the phone 24/7. We're an A+ rated Wildomar plumbing company with the Better Business Bureau, and we have hundreds of 5-star reviews across Facebook, Yelp!, and Google My Business. In addition, all our plumbers have received criminal background checks.


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Natural Gas Is The Most Cost-Effective Energy Supply

Gas Line Installation and Repair In Wildomar

There is a strong possibility that your house relies on natural gas. Due to the high cost of electricity in California, many heat-generating appliances rely on natural gas to supply the energy, such as your furnace, cooktop, and oven. Although appliances still plug directly into the wall for electricity, they rely on natural gas to generate the energy to supply the heat because it's the most cost-effective way. Natural gas gets delivered throughout your home via gas lines—thin pipes designed to withstand the pressure required to carry the gas from one location to another.

There may come a time when you will need to have one of these gas lines serviced or perhaps replaced. Big B's Plumbing provides various gas line installation and repair services in Wildomar, CA.

Always Entrust Your Gas Line Installation Specialist 

Are you considering installing a new gas-powered appliance? Are you looking to improve your gas volume or reroute a line as part of a rebuild or addition? These are only some of the reasons you could want a new gas line installation. Adding a new gas line is much different than installing a new water line—while the pipe is much smaller, even a single error can have major repercussions, such as decreased gas pressure or even a gas leak. That's why you should always entrust your installation to a specialist with extensive expertise dealing with gas lines and a track record of successfully installing new lines.

Ready For A New Gas Line Installation In Wildomar?

If you're upgrading to a larger water heater, you may need a new or modified gas line. Are you upgrading to a tankless water heater? You'll need new gas lines for the tankless heater, especially if you're going from storage tank heater to tankless heater. Also, your new outdoor kitchen and grill are going to need that new gas line. If you want to switch over to a new natural gas furnace, range, or cloth dryer, no worries, Big B's Plumbing has you covered. We have the gas line installation and repair services in Wildomar that are right for you.

When Is It Time To Switch To Natural Gas?

Does electricity fully power your home? Are you looking to save money on your electric bill by switching to gas-powered appliances? Big B's Plumbing can assist you with your gas line installation in Wildomar. We have the extensive knowledge and specialized training necessary to do the job professionally. Additionally, our experienced experts will collaborate with utility providers to ensure that your job runs smoothly. If your home has a gas connection, we can install a gas meter, route durable gas lines effectively, and much more.


We Have You Covered For All Your Gas Line Repairs in Wildomar

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Do you detect a gas odor in your home? Have you examined all of your appliances to determine if any are leaking gas inadvertently? If everything looks to be in order, there is a possibility that you have a gas leak in your house. Gas leaks are highly dangerous—in addition to creating a potentially explosive scenario, gas is poisonous to breathe in large amounts, which means you and anyone in your home may suffer health effects if you do not evacuate immediately. 

If you Smell Gas, Call 911 or Your Utility Emergency Help Line

The rotten eggs or sulfur that you smell is a chemical called mercaptan which is a harmless chemical. Your gas company puts mercaptan in natural gas because it is odorless. If you smell gas, remove yourself from your home, call 911 or call your gas companies emergency line. They will shut off your gas line once your gas line is secure, then call Big B's Plumbing. We offer fast, safe gas leak repairs, detection, and installation. We have emergency gas line repairs 24/7.

Big B's Plumbing Will Get The Job Done Right The First Time

Whether you're considering a kitchen upgrade, adding a permanent outside barbecue, or increasing your gas capacity to include a tankless water heater, you can rely on Big B's Plumbing to get the job done right the first time. Maybe there's a leak in one of your gas lines that is posing a risk in your home? For over a decade, we have been the go-to team for gas line services in Wildomar and Riverside County, and we adhere to the highest degree of excellence.

Hundreds Of 5-Star Reviews 

From adding new lines to various sections of your property to repairing damaged leaking or rusted lines, we hold ourselves to extremely high standards of excellence for every job we perform. We utilize high-quality materials and cutting-edge technology. Since our team of plumbing technicians has performed to such a high level, our customer can verify hundreds of 5-star reviews on Facebook, Google My Business, and Yelp!. We're also an accredited member of the BBB with an A+ rating. Licensed, bonded, and insured #986152


Gas Line Installation and Repair In Wildomar CA.