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Home Repiping In Wildomar, CA.

Did you have a burst pipe, low water pressure, or a high water bill? Is your home over 40 years or older? You may need a home repipe. While most common in older homes, in rare cases, it could happen in a home 15-30 years old due to poor quality piping and shoddy installation. Big B's Plumbing will inspect your pipes and present you with all your options. We have highly skilled repiping specialists ready for the call. When you need home repiping in Wildomar, CA., Big B's Plumbing has you covered! We're an A+ rated Wildomar plumbing company with the BBB with hundreds of 5-star reviews across Facebook, Yelp!, and Google My Business.

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Wildomar Home Repipe Specialists

Home Repiping In Wildomar CA.

Although you have never seen them, the pipes concealed behind your walls play a critical role in your everyday life. Such plumbing lines are important in delivering water to fixtures and appliances throughout your home. Yet, you probably never think about them much, that is, unless there is an issue. If you've experienced a blocked pipe, burst pipe, low water pressure, or a leak develops within your walls, consider having pipes inspected, especially if you live in an older home. When you need home repiping in Wildomar, CA. Big B's Plumbing has you covered with a team full of home repiping specialists.

Knowledgeable, Trustworthy Home Repiping Experts In Wildomar, CA.

When you speak with the specialists at Big B's Plumbing, you'll know right from the start that you're speaking to knowledgeable, trustworthy home repiping experts in Wildomar, CA. They can replace your home's plumbing quickly, efferently, and to perfection. Our hundreds of 5-star Google My Business, Yelp!, and Facebook reviews speak volumes about work and the service we provide. Although we specialize in both copper and cross-linked polyethylene, commonly abbreviated PEX for pipe replacement. We believe no one is more qualified to handle your home repiping in Wildomar than Big B's Plumbing. We deliver the finest quality pipe replacements, and our customer satisfaction is off the charts, backed by an accredited A+ rated Wildomar plumbing company with the Better Business Bureau!

PEX Is Soon Become The Go-To Tubing For Home Repiping

Most homeowners have never heard of PEX since most homes get repiped once in a lifetime. In contrast, copper is still a very reliable pipe and has served the home building industry well for over sixty years. Manufactures developed PEX in the early seventies for floor heating, and in the early nineties, it was developed for your home plumbing system. In addition, copper replaced steel galvanized pipes in the early 60s for a lot of the same reasons PEX is replacing copper. At the time, copper was much lighter, easier to work with, and cost less to install; it also eliminated any health concerns people had with steel galvanized pipes. As a result, PEX has soon become the go-to tubing for home construction and home repiping in the 21st century. Unlike its counterpart copper, it is flexible, easy to install, costs less, and has a life expectancy of over 40 years.

Many homeowners are still uneducated regarding the choices they have when repiping their home. We like to give our customers all their choices, and that includes educating them on the pros and cons of both copper and PEX. For many homeowners switching from copper is a tough pill to swallow, and rightly so, copper piping has served us well for many years. PEX is the latest in home repiping technology. Our equipment and home repiping techniques are state-of-the-art.


We have The Best Financing In The Industry

Home Repiping In Wildomar CA.
The two of the biggest fears homeowners have when repiping their home are how long they will be out of your home and how much it will cost. Every home is different, and while home repiping is not at the lower end of plumbing services, we do offer fair, honest competitive pricing in addition to some of the best financing in the industry. One year same as cash 0% interest. For those customers that wish to extend it for five years, we have rates starting at 6.99%.

Failing To Plan Is Planning To Fail 

The second concern is how long will we be out of our home? We can complete a two-bathroom home repipe in one day and complete the drywall repairs the next day. Additionally, they can repipe a three or four-bedroom home in as little as two days. The preparation phase is critical. We feel that neglecting to prepare will delay a homeowner's return. Our goal is always to have a homeowner back in their home the same day with their water turned on. Your Wildomar repiping professionals are well prepared to meet your expectations.

Your Safety Is Our Top Priority

For many homeowners, they're concerned about complete strangers trampling through their homes. Big B's Plumbing has taken out all the stops when it comes to our customer's safety. We start by running a criminal and sex offender background check on all our plumbers and any person handling credit card transactions. Unfortunately, where many plumbing companies say they do background checks, there is really no way of knowing. So we took the extra step by hiring a third-party company called TheSeal.com. They run background checks and provide picture IDs with a QR Code for any homeowner to check. 

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Do you want a "home repipe company" that will exceed your expectations? Then, call Big B's Plumbing, and while you're at it, check out our hundreds of five-star reviews on Facebook, Google My Business, and Yelp!. We're also an A+ rated plumbing company with the Better Business Breau. Get the service you deserve from a home repiping company in Wildomar, CA. We are a licensed, bonded, and insured plumbing contractor, license #986152.



Home Repiping In Wildomar CA.