Your Water Leak Detection Service In Lake Elsinore, CA.

Your Water Leak Detection Service In Lake Elsinore,CA.

Your Water Leak Detection Service In Lake Elsinore, CA.

Every water leak is unique. While some are simple to spot, others may go unnoticed for some time and could raise your average water bill. Therefore, when you make the call to your local plumbing company, they'll show up prepared with technical know-how and the latest equipment to match.  Regardless of whether the leak is concealed behind a wall or beneath concrete, our water leak detection service in Lake Elsinore, CA., uses leak-detecting tools that will locate its source fast and accurately.


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Lake Elsinore's Premier Water Leak Detection Service

When you hire Big B's Plumbing to locate a concealed leak, they'll use the process of elimination. They start by walking through your home to search for any indications or hints of a potential leak. It might entail examining fixtures beneath sinks, pools, and irrigation systems. Next, your plumber will check the water meter to determine how much water is being used with all the water off.

Homeowners Can Detect Their Own Leaks

If your water bill has gone up, but there are no outward indications of water damage, your home probably has a slab leak. Turning off the water inside your home at the water meter or the shutoff valve is a good start in determining whether a leak is present. Your meter has a dial called a leak indicator dial with a circular or triangle shape. You have a water leak if all your water is off, but the dials are still turning. By turning off your irrigation valve, you may go one step further in locating the leak. If the dial on your leak detector stops spinning, the leak is in your house; if it keeps spinning, it is in your landscaping.

Another Way To Detect A Water Leak

Write down the meter reading and wait an hour before checking for a leak while all the water is off. If the numbers on your water meter have increased after an hour, your home has a water leak. However, specialized sound detecting equipment is the most efficient for finding water leaks. For example, a plumber could utilize ground microphones or listening discs as acoustic listening tools to locate leaks. Additionally, they can add an acoustic amplifier to magnify the leak's sound, which may be too weak to detect.


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Know The Signs Before The Problem Escalates

Plumbing leaks can be caused by foundation shifting, old corroded pipes, fixtures, etc. Knowing the warning signs of a plumbing leak can help you spot minor issues before they become more serious. This could allow you to get a qualified plumber for repairs before the problem escalates. While some leak indications are obvious, others are more subtle. For example, if any of the following apply to your plumbing system:

  • Your plumbing system may be leaking if your water pressure seems lower than usual. 
  • It may be a sign that a leak has appeared somewhere in your plumbing if you notice that your water bill has been rising month after month. Your water bill could go up as a result of even a minor leak. For help with leak detection, call Big B's Plumbing.
  • Dark patches on your walls or ceiling may indicate a water leak. Sometimes you won't notice a leak until these deep water stains appear. Please get in touch with us immediately if you see these dark spots on your walls or ceiling, as the water leak has likely been present for some time.

The sooner you identify a problem, the quicker our Lake Elsinore, California plumbers can repair it. After meeting with the homeowners, one of our leak detection plumbers will conduct a careful investigation and pinpoint the source of your issue. Nothing gets overlooked, whether it's slab leak detection, sewer line leak, or a common pipe leak in the plumbing system: whatever the case, we come ready to make the necessary repairs.

A Camera Inspection Will Help You Find The Best Solutions For Your Repair Needs

A video camera inspection is the most effective and accurate way to detect a sewer main leak. Plumbers will thread a miniature camera down your drains to clearly see the issue. Typically, this device consists of a fiber optic wire with a camera and light at the other end. The plumber can then view the images the camera captures on a monitor.
Using this technique, they can determine the plumbing leak's exact location and current extent. It also provides your plumber with information on the state of your pipes and whether you need to replace them. The camera is the instrument on the list that is the most precise, and it will help you find the best solutions for your repair needs. When you need water leak detection service in Lake Elsinore, CA., call the experts from Big B's Plumbing.

Two Critical Things To Remember

Always use a licensed plumbing contractor for your water leak detection service in Lake Elsinore, CA. Their education and experience are unsurpassed. It takes years of work experience and schooling to achieve a license. Big B's Plumbing is licensed, bonded, and insured #986152. We're also A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau with over a thousand top-notch reviews on Yelp!, Facebook, and Google My Business–––so check us out.

Additionally, customers who pay their water bills to the City of San Diego or Riverside County are eligible for a free water survey program offered by the Public Utilities Department. A Water Conservation specialist will tour your property as part of this program to find leaks and options for water conservation.

A Video Camera Inspection Is The Best, Most Reliable Way To Detect A Leak

Today, various techniques get utilized to find underground plumbing issues, but our favorite and most reliable piece of equipment is the video camera inspection tool. Before and after drain cleaning and other services, the camera gets utilized, and as it usually turns out, there is a lot more to be found than you might think. Here are a few reasons why we could employ a video camera to inspect your pipes and some recommendations we might make in light of what we discover. 

  • A camera inspection is the best, most reliable way to detect a leak in a sewer line.
  • The growth of tree roots in sewer lines can happen for various reasons. With water and sewage, tree roots have the perfect environment to flourish. 
  • To look within the pipes, we occasionally need to utilize a camera to develop a precise diagnosis and the best course of action for repairs. 

Call The Experts At Murrieta Plumbing

Big B's Plumbing uses the most advanced equipment for its water leak detection service in Lake Elsinore, CA. We've been providing leak detection for Lake Elsinore for over a decade. Our staff of highly skilled plumbers is ready to take your call 24/7. Your service starts the moment we take your call. Customer care personnel have received the highest level of training. So when you need water leak detection service in Lake Elsinore, CA., call Murrieta Plumbing today; you'll always get the service you deserve! 


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Outstanding work, work-ethic, and installation of a new sink in our home. The service was terrific, and Garret as the on-site rep installing the sink made a tough job seem easy, with great respect to our expectations and precision.

With a very fair price, I highly recommend them for plumbing and install work.
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WOW I am impressed with the service given by this company! I have dealt with many flakey contractors lately. I was in a hurry to get someone out to detect a possible plumbing leak in the wall of my bathroom. When I called and they scheduled an appointment for the next day. The gentleman was on time, professional, and didn't charge me an "arm and a leg" for his services. Murrieta Plumbing company will...
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