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Low Water Pressure Repair In Wildomar CA.

Do you need a high or low water pressure repair expert in Wildomar, CA.? Then, you're at the right place; Big B's Plumbing has the highly trained plumber to get your water pressure right where it should be. We've been serving Wildomar with top-notch plumbing services for over a decade. We're an A+ rated accredited plumbing company with the Better Business Bureau. We use the latest plumbing techniques and technologies.

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Wildomar's High and Low Water Pressure Repair

Low Water Pressure Repair In Wildomar CA.

We specialize in high and low water pressure repair in Wildomar, CA. Some of us know how annoying it is to shower or even water your yard with inadequate pressure. For some, we might respond by saying, "Why are you concerned? We are experiencing a drought." However, the reality is that we could be consuming more water in the process. So what causes high and low water pressure, and when can we resolve the issue? There are several reasons why our home's water pressure is poor. Our highly educated plumbing specialists can pinpoint the source of the problem quickly using the latest plumbing techniques and equipment. The following are some possible causes of low water pressure:


  • Debris or particles in your water lines
  • Calcium encrustations that form in the pipelines
  • Regulator malfunction
  • Flawed water valve
  • Water filtration system 
  • Water leak
  • Your public water district
  • Water use at the peak time

Drilling Down To Find The Low Water Pressure

You'll need to ask yourself a few questions: Where is the source of the low water pressure? Is it prevalent throughout the house, or is it confined to a certain area? For instance, if the water pressure is only present in one area, such as the shower, the solution could be as straightforward as purchasing a new shower head or scraping away the minerals built-up on the existing shower head. Additionally, you may soak your shower head in vinegar overnight; this will readily remove calcium deposits—high and low water pressure repair in Wildomar, CA.

Your Showerhead Might Be The Culprit

We recommend that you replace your existing showerhead with a water-saving head. The newest advancements in water-saving showerhead technology enable water conservation without sacrificing any of the advantages of a comfortable shower experience. It wasn't that long ago when showerheads used between five and eight GPM. However, 2.5 GPM is the current industry norm.

You Should Set Your Water Pressure Between 40 - 60 PSI

If your home's water pressure is low, the first place you should check is the water shut-off valve; it might be slightly rotated to the off position.   When the shut-off valve gets partially closed, low water pressure will result. By obtaining a water pressure gauge, a homeowner may simply verify their own water pressure themselves. A water pressure gauge costs about $10 and connects to any outside spigot. Water pressure should be between 40 - 60 PSI in every home. Above 80 PSI is deemed high and is prohibited if the PSI is above 80; it could be harmful to the plumbing and appliances in your house. An undetected water leak could be causing your low water pressure. However, for the majority of homeowners, checking for a water leak is a simple task.


  1. Ensure that all water in the house is off.
  2. Proceed to your water meter, located close to the street.
  3. Keep a close eye on the leak dial. It might be a little rotating dial or a spinning red triangle.
  4. If the dial continues to spin, there is a water leak within the system.

Conduct A More Extensive Check

  1. With all the water in your house turned off, take a meter reading and record the results.
  2. After a half-hour, read the meter again. If you see an increase, there is a leak in your plumbing or system.
  3. When you've determined that there is a leak, turn off the irrigation valve. Typically, you can find it located outside the home or in the garage. 
  4. If your meter reading does not change, the leak is coming from your outside irrigation. However, if you experience a change in the reading, then the leak is located within the residence.

A Pressure Regulator's Lifespan Is Between 10 And 15 Years

Low Water Pressure Repair In Wildomar CA. - With Background Check

Your water pressure regulator is the primary reason for low or high water pressure. The home's regulator is a bell-shaped object usually found close to where the freshwater enters your garage. Generally, if you draw an imaginary line starting at the meter directly back to the home, you'll usually locate it. Typically, manufacturers have the regulators pre-set. It is not unusual that they will need adjusting. As with all appliances, fixtures, and even pipelines, regulators can fail prematurely. A pressure regulator's normal life span is between 10 and 15 years. Big B's Plumbing's skilled plumbers can properly adjust the regulator and replace the old one if needed. We are high and low water pressure repair experts in Wildomar, CA.

Check For Major Projects Around The Neighborhood

Certain causes of low water pressure are as straightforward as nearby building projects. You might inquire with the next-door neighbor to determine whether they are experiencing the same issue. If the neighbor is having the same problem, contact your area's water utility company to inquire about the current developments in and throughout the community.

Calcium And Minerals Build Up In Your Pipes

Everyone is aware that California is infamous for its hard water. Hard water mineral deposits can accumulate in a pipeline over many years. Copper piping has a lifespan of 40 - 50 years; but, if your water pressure gets reduced, the culprit may be calcium and minerals built up in your pipes. We specialize in repairing high and low water pressure in Wildomar.

A+ Rating With The Better Business 

We have hundreds of excellent reviews on Facebook, Google My Business, and Yelp!. Additionally, we’re A+ rated with the BBB. Big B's Plumbing is a fully licensed, bonded, and insured license number 986152. In addition, all plumbers have undergone criminal and sexual offender background checks conducted by The Seal, a third-party firm. Call now, and you'll get the value and service you deserve.


Low Water Pressure Repair In Wildomar CA.