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Water Heater Installation And Repair Service In Wildomar, CA.

Is it time to replace or repair your water heater? Whatever you decide to do, you'll need a plumbing company with the knowledge, skills, and experience to perform a water heater installation to perfection. At Big B's plumbing, we have over a thousand top-notch reviews on Facebook, Google My Business, and Yelp!. As an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau, we also take great pride in our A+ Rating. And for our customer's safety, all of our team has received a criminal and sex offender background check from a third party.



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Wildomar Water Heater Installation And Repair

Your Water Heater Installation And Repair Service In Wildomar, CA.

At Big B's Plumbing, we pride ourselves on being the best water heater installation and repair business in Wildomar, CA.  We never know when it will happen, but our water heater will break down when we're not expecting it. Your heater sat in the corner of the garage for ten years without incident, and then it comes to a halt without notice. But having said that, it still remains one of the best and most reliable home appliances. The majority of folks rush to their neighborhood home improvement store, locate the most inexpensive water heater in stock, and purchase it without hesitation. Consider a different approach to water heater shopping. Given that this is an item you'll have for the next ten to fourteen years, so take a few additional measures to ensure that you receive exactly what you want and need?

New Water Heater Technology Are 30% More Energy Efficient

The reality is that water heaters, like other appliances, have undergone tremendous technological advancements. For instance, an Energy Star-certified water heater maybe 8% more energy-efficient than models without the EnergyStar label. They are also 30% more energy than a water heater built ten years ago. A Big B's Plumbing specialist can compare additional features prior to purchasing so that your water heater purchase is a well-educated decision.  Consultation with a specialist can also help eliminate the confusion associated with selecting the proper size water heater. For example, did you know that some manufacturers provide a 40-gallon heater for around the same cost as a 50-gallon? Make sure to determine that the model you choose is appropriate for the size of your household. Check with your plumbing expert to evaluate the correct size water heater for your family size. 

Do You Fix It Or Replace It

If your heater fails, perhaps the best option is to fix it rather than replace it? Although the newest versions can considerably reduce a homeowner's energy expenditures, it could be more cost-effective to fix it, particularly if it is fewer than 8 years old and repair costs are minimal. We have an extremely trained team of plumbers at Big B's Plumbing that can repair your heater if it does not require replacement. In some cases, a property owner will choose to replace their heater with a newer one, even if repair is an option due to the age of the water heater. 

Your Water Heater Is A Big Part Of Our Quality Of Life

Have you considered how much your water heater impacts your family? For instance, shaving, dishwashing, washing clothes and bathing all require hot water. Whatever your water heater needs, whether repair or replacement, having it break down may cause you to cringe. At Big B's Plumbing, we pride ourselves on being the best water heater installation and repair service in Wildomar, CA.

Water Heaters Should Last Between 10 and 15 Years

According to the majority of plumbing specialists, water heaters should last between 10 and 15 years. At the same time, yearly maintenance may extend the life of your heater. For example, Consumerreports.org reported that natural gas water heaters have a 10-year life span. This figure is critical when determining if you should repair your heater or replace your current one. If repairs are too expensive and your water heater is nearing the end of its useful life, we recommend replacing it with a new energy-saving heater.

Age Is The Biggest Factor In Replacing Your Water Heater

The 50% guideline is one that some property owners adhere to when it comes to appliances and fixtures. For example, if the cost of repairing a water heater exceeds 50% of the cost of replacing it, then it's time to replace it. However, in the majority of situations, it all comes down to how old your heater is. Certain water heater repairs, such as a corroded or leaky storage tank, will need to be replaced regardless of the water heater's age.



Maintenance Is The Key To Longevity

Water Heater Installation And Repair Service In Wildomar, CA. - With A Background Check

Because your heater accounts for 14 percent of your overall energy bill, ensuring it operates effectively will save you money. An ineffective water heater takes longer to heat up, and it will consume more energy. Therefore, it might be prudent to change it with a more energy-efficient heater. Here are the most common repairs completed on your heater when repairing becomes an option, replace a heating element and repairing a thermostat. Additionally, repairing a defective anode rod and repairing the T&P valve is just a few of the fundamental repairs your plumbing specialist will perform to your water heater.

Hard Water Equals Decreased Efficiency

The majority of property owners are unaware that regular maintenance on their water heater can increase its lifespan. Certain manufacturers will void the warranty of your heater if it's not properly maintained. California is well-known for its hard water, which is destructive to your heater. When your water gets heated in the tank, the minerals harden and form limescale. Limescale, also known as mineral deposits, accumulates at the tank floor, increasing the workload on the heater. If a limescale bed forms between the heater's burner and the tank's bottom, heating the tank becomes more difficult. Heightened energy costs resulting from decreased efficiency. Draining your limescale from the storage tank yearly and replacing the anode rod every 5 years can keep your home's water heater operating at peak efficiency. To ensure that your heater is operating at peak efficiency, contact Big B's Plumbing, Wildomar's best water heater installation and repair company.

Upgrade To A Tankless Water Heater

When your heater quits, our first thought is, we did not budget for it! If a new water heater is not within your budget, try our 1-year no-interest, same-as-cash financings on acceptable credit. When it comes to our client services, we strive to leave no stone untouched. Perhaps you're considering upgrading to the latest tankless heater. Additionally, we offer five-year financings and low rates starting at 6.99 percent. Whatever the situation may be, you can be certain that at Big B's Plumbing, we provide you with the value and top-notch service you deserve.

Your Water Heater Installation And Repair Company

Do not trust just anybody with your water heater repair. Because your hot water heater will affect your family for years to come, so it is critical to hire a plumbing company that's bonded, insured, and licensed #986152. At Big B's Plumbing, we take care of everything from start to finish, and that includes sending your old heater to the recyclers. Additionally, we are an A+ rated member of the Better Business Bureau. All of our 5-star ratings are available on Google My Business, Facebook, and Yelp! Big B's Plumbing is a water heater installation and repair company in Wildomar, CA. 


Water Heater Installation And Repair Service In Wildomar, CA.