Water Heater Installation Or Repair In Temecula, CA.

Water Heater Installation And Repair In Temecula CA.

Water Heater Installation Or Repair In Temecula, CA

Did your water heater finally see its final day? Maybe it's a simple repair. Whatever the case, Murrieta Plumbing has you covered for all your water heater installation and repairs in Temecula, CA. We're an A+ rated Temecula plumbing company with the Better Business Bureau. Additionally, we have over 1000 top-notch reviews on Facebook, Google My Business, and Yelp!. Give us a call and let's get it started!


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Do you need a top-notch plumbing company for your water heater installation or repair in Temecula, CA? We have had some of the best-trained plumbing specialists in the industry. No one can ever foresee the exact day the water heater will break down, but it may display indicators that the time is near. In some instances, your water heater might be showing signs of rust, strange sounds, or a leaking tank. 

Age will also play a role in whether our water heater should be repaired or replaced. The average lifespan for your heater is 10 to 15 years.  When you notice the symptoms of wear on our heater, it's always better to replace it before it breaks down altogether. Most households would agree that a broken heater tends to throw things off because our hot water is critical to our quality of life. For example, we couldn't shower, wash dishes, or wash our clothes without our hot water.

Water Heater Repair Services For Temecula, CA

If replacing your water heater is not the best course of action, then one of our specialists will repair it. The reality is that the vast majority of water heaters require just minor repairs. Our primary focus at Murrieta Plumbing is on hot water heater repair. Certain fixes are significantly less expensive than replacing your water heater, particularly if it's under 8 years old. The most common fixes are:

  • anode rod 
  • temperature & pressure valve
  • heating elements
  • broken drain valve 
  • gas control valve 
  • thermostat

Every household should be able to choose between heater replacement and repair. The technician from Murrieta Plumbing will inform the customer of all available options. Unfortunately, there is just one choice in the case of a rusty storage tank, and that is you'll need to replace your existing water heater. However, if you require water heater repair or installation services in Temecula, CA., call the experts at Murrieta Plumbing.

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While we'll always attempt to fix your water heater, we would never recommend wasting money on it. The latest Energy Star-certified water heaters in the market can save up to 8% on energy costs on comparable models and 30% on models developed 10 years ago.  It's always prudent to keep in mind that your storage tank heater is a 10 to 15-year investment. As a result, shop with caution, do your research, and avoid regrets. Your plumbing technician shall inform you of all of the costs, benefits, and features.

Moreover, they will demonstrate how to calculate the proper size heater that fits your family accurately. We can install your pre-purchased heater, or you could purchase a top-quality premium Bradford White heater from our inventory.  We are Temecula's water heater installation experts.

The Best Water Heater Financing Is Right Here

The fact is, the majority of water heaters break down when we were least expecting it, including the hit to our budget. It's not always easy raising the family while dealing with unforeseen costs. That's why Murrieta Plumbing provides special financing when those unforeseen plumbing problems hit. We offer nine-month financing at 0% and interest rates starting at 8.99% for 5-years. At A Big B's Plumbing, we provide some of the greatest financing options in the market, which should help alleviate the stress associated with any unforeseen plumbing issue. Call us today if you're looking for a Temecula water heater installation and repair provider that offers competitive financing!

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After 20 years, my water heater went out. My home warranty service put me in touch with Murrieta plumbing company. I received a call from the technician to inform me that he would be there between 9 and 10. He was there on time and was very knowledgeable in explaining the installation and the upgrades that were necessary in order to bring my water heater situation up to code...
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Outstanding work, work-ethic, and installation of a new sink in our home. The service was terrific, and Garret as the on-site rep installing the sink made a tough job seem easy, with great respect to our expectations and precision.

With a very fair price, I highly recommend them for plumbing and install work.
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WOW I am impressed with the service given by this company! I have dealt with many flakey contractors lately. I was in a hurry to get someone out to detect a possible plumbing leak in the wall of my bathroom. When I called and they scheduled an appointment for the next day. The gentleman was on time, professional, and didn't charge me an "arm and a leg" for his services. Murrieta Plumbing company will...
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