Considerations Before Hiring a Plumber. They Must Have A Love for Plumbing

Embracing the Love for Plumbing: A Fulfilling Career Path

At Murrieta Plumbing, we believe that it is more than just a business; it’s a passion and a love for it. From our managers and plumbing technicians to our call center staff, we dedicate ourselves to hiring individuals who genuinely love plumbing and want to help people. With an understanding of the difference between working solely for a paycheck and working with genuine passion, we strive to create a workplace where our employees can thrive.

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Love for Plumbing

Have you ever encountered someone who works only for a paycheck? It’s disheartening to witness someone going through the motions, working 40 hours a week without any real enthusiasm for their job. Unfortunately, many people find themselves in this situation, and it can lead to a miserable existence. At Murrieta Plumbing, we actively strive to change that narrative by creating a work environment where we value passion, dedication, and a love for plumbing.

Working With Purpose

Let’s take a moment to highlight the inspiring story of a man I encountered at Walmart. Despite being in his mid to late ’60s and retired, he chose to work behind the counter in the electronics section. When I asked him why he was there, he said he loved working and helping people. Money wasn’t the driving force for him. In fact, he turned down a management position that Walmart offered him because he had found his true calling in helping others. His story is a testament to the power of finding passion in your work.

What Does Working With Passion Look Like?

As a career choice, plumbing offers numerous opportunities for individuals with a genuine interest in the trade. At Murrieta Plumbing, we firmly believe that all our plumbers must have a passion and love for plumbing. When you ask them, “Why do you do what you do?” their response will invariably revolve around their love for working with their hands and helping people. While some tradespeople may enter the field solely for monetary gain, we prioritize the well-being of our customers and operate with integrity. We have found that putting people before profit rewards us in many ways.

Reputable Plumber with A Love For Plumbing

Future Outlook of Plumbing As a Career

One of the compelling reasons to consider a career in plumbing is the high demand for skilled plumbers. The plumbing trade is projected to grow by 16% by 2026, positioning it as one of the fastest-growing industries. This projection ensures job security for plumbers, as their expertise will remain consistently in demand. In contrast to certain outsourced jobs, plumbing demands a physical presence, guaranteeing a continuous flow of work opportunities.

Save Some Money-Choose A Plumbing Career

Another advantage of pursuing a career in plumbing is the absence of significant student loan debt. Most plumbers learn their craft on the job or through vocational colleges, which are significantly more affordable than four-year universities. This affordability not only makes plumbing an accessible career choice for individuals who prefer a hands-on approach but also alleviates the burden of student loans. Soon-to-be plumbers can focus on building their careers and financial stability without the debt.

What It Takes To Be a Plumber

Furthermore, the plumbing trade is a licensed and regulated profession. For example, the California State Licensing Board (CSLB) imposes strict regulations on the plumbing industry in California. To become a licensed contractor, aspiring plumbers must meet certain requirements, including obtaining work experience under a licensed contractor, completing a training program, passing a licensure examination, and meeting financial obligations. These regulations ensure that plumbing professionals are well-trained and committed to providing quality customer service.

Plumbers Can Choose

As a plumber, you can learn and advance at your own pace, setting your sights on becoming a licensed contractor, starting your own plumbing company, or exploring various specialized areas within the industry. With well-defined licensing requirements and regulations, the plumbing trade offers a clear path for continuous growth, professional development, and fulfilling your career aspirations, but it all starts with a love for plumbing

What Are Plumber’s Responsibilities?

Contrary to common misconceptions, the role of a plumber encompasses much more than meets the eye. The responsibilities of a plumber are diverse and impactful. Plumbers ensure that buildings, including residential homes, have access to potable water at the right temperature and in sufficient quantity for various uses. They also ensure the proper drainage of wastewater from properties. Also, plumbers are responsible for installing, maintaining, and replacing gas appliances, flues, and gas connections. They play a vital role in maintaining a safe and adequate supply of gases and liquids for numerous purposes. 

Now, Are You Ready To Begin Your Plumbing Career?

Becoming a plumber is an excellent choice if you’re ready for a new career that allows you to work with your hands, help people, and offer a secure future. You can enjoy the satisfaction of solving customers’ plumbing problems and working directly with them one-on-one. The plumbing trade offers many opportunities, from new construction to municipal water districts and emerging technologies.

Take the Plunge

Plumbing is a rewarding career choice for individuals with a genuine passion for the trade and a desire to help others. At Murrieta Plumbing, we understand the value of hiring individuals who are passionate about plumbing and are committed to providing excellent service. With job security, affordable training options, and the potential for professional growth, plumbing offers a bright future for those willing to dive into this fulfilling trade.

Murrieta Plumbing’s Passion And Love For Plumbing

By embracing a work environment that values passion, dedication, and integrity, we at Murrieta Plumbing continue contributing to the industry’s positive reputation. Whether you’re just starting your career, considering a change, or have a genuine passion for plumbing, we encourage you to dive into this dynamic field that offers stability, growth, and the opportunity to make a tangible difference in people’s lives. Embark on a rewarding journey as a plumber, where you can utilize your skills, serve the community, and find personal and professional fulfillment.

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After 20 years, my water heater went out. My home warranty service put me in touch with Murrieta plumbing company. I received a call from the technician to inform me that he would be there between 9 and 10. He was there on time and was very knowledgeable in explaining the installation and the upgrades that were necessary in order to bring my water heater situation up to code...
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Outstanding work, work-ethic, and installation of a new sink in our home. The service was terrific, and Garret as the on-site rep installing the sink made a tough job seem easy, with great respect to our expectations and precision.

With a very fair price, I highly recommend them for plumbing and install work.
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WOW I am impressed with the service given by this company! I have dealt with many flakey contractors lately. I was in a hurry to get someone out to detect a possible plumbing leak in the wall of my bathroom. When I called and they scheduled an appointment for the next day. The gentleman was on time, professional, and didn't charge me an "arm and a leg" for his services. Murrieta Plumbing company will...
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