Water Heaters

Decoding the Mystery: Why Is Your Hot Water Turning Yellow?

Why It’s Essential to Know the Reasons Behind Yellow Hot Water When hot water turns yellow or discolored, it signals underlying issues that may compromise water cleanliness and safety. Understanding these reasons empowers homeowners to take necessary actions. Our water should remain free from harmful contaminants for different uses such as drinking, cooking, and bathing. […]

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Water Heater Upgrade: Decoding The Signs of a Failing Heater

Signs of a Failing Water Heater Below are several key indicators that can help you determine whether your water heater requires attention or replacement. When reviewing the signs of a failing water heater, remember the latest model water heaters can save as much as 34% in energy costs over heaters purchased ten years ago.  Decreased […]

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Addressing Common Plumbing Problems in Old Houses

Exploring Common Plumbing Problems in Old Homes Handling plumbing problems can be a hassle, but the reassuring news is that many of these issues are common. Knowing what to expect, you can take proactive steps to prevent them, even in older homes. So now, let’s talk about some typical plumbing challenges often encountered in aging […]

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Water Heater Maintenance: Extend The Life of Your Heater

Why Do I Need to Clean My Tank? One of the primary reasons you need to clean your water heater tank is to improve its efficiency. As sediment and mineral deposits accumulate on the tank’s bottom, they hinder the heating element from heating the water. This obstruction impedes heat transfer, causing the water heater to […]

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Water Heater Temperature Control is Key to a Long-Lasting Appliance 

Understanding the Basics of Water Heaters  Understanding the basics of water heaters can assist you in making informed choices when it comes to acquiring, upkeeping, and utilizing your system. Water heaters are appliances that heat and store water for use in household activities. Two primary categories of water heaters exist: storage tank and tankless. Storage […]

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Recirculating Pump

The Quest for Hot Water On Demand: Tankless Water Heaters vs. Recirculating Pumps

Hot Water On Demand Picture this: a world where hot water flows from the faucet instantly, like a loyal friend ready to embrace you in warmth. This is the promise of the tankless water heaters, an innovation that merges energy efficiency, space optimization, and an unending supply of hot water. It’s a haven for those […]

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tankless water heater installation

On-Demand Tankless Water Heater Service: Hot Water Anytime, Anywhere!

Projected Savings: $1800 Over the Expected Lifetime Investing in an Energy Star-labeled water heater can lead to substantial savings. For a family of four, it can amount to $95 per year in energy costs, resulting in total savings of $1,800 over the expected lifetime of the heater. Moreover, certain energy companies in California offer rebates […]

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tankless water heater installation, Hot water on demand

Achieving Hot Water On-Demand: The Best Approaches

A Recirculating Pump Keeps The Hot Water Circulating So You Have Hot Water On Demand One practical solution to the problem is installing a hot water recirculating pump. This device offers several benefits for water heaters, the most significant being the ability to get hot water on demand almost instantly. Unlike traditional water heaters requiring […]

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Purchasing a Water Heater, home warranties

Essential Guide to Purchasing a Water Heater

When buying a water heater, making an informed decision is important to ensure you get a quality product and installation at a good value. While everyone’s priorities may differ, whether it’s a reliable warranty or the latest tankless on-demand technology, we all seek a water heater that meets our needs. However, finding accurate information can […]

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Purchasing a Water Heater

8 Practical Ways to Troubleshoot Your Water Heater

Thermostat Settings on Your Water Heater and Fuel Source The thermostat on your water heater controls the temperature of the water. The water may only reach the desired hotness if the temperature is high enough. To check the thermostat settings, locate the thermostat on your heater and use a thermometer to verify the temperature setting. […]

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tankless water heater installation, Hot water on demand

Are Tankless Water Heaters The Best Choice

Our water heaters, what would we ever do without them? They provide hot water to wash our clothes, shower, shave, and wash our dishes. Without our water heaters, we might as well be living in a campground. Of course, our storage tank heaters have come a long way, and the latest technologies have not passed […]

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6 Water Heater Install Questions For Your Plumber

Earthquake Straps Do you install earthquake straps on all water heaters? California is renowned for earthquakes. Keeping your family safe in the event of a natural disaster should be a priority. Installation must include straps on the top and bottom third of the water heater storage tank.  As any responsible plumbing expert, you can’t afford to […]

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