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Down the Drain with these Top 5 Sewer Line Problems

Your home’s sewer line keeps your plumbing system running smoothly, whisking wastewater away from your house. Yet, like any system, it’s susceptible to hiccups that can create big headaches. When your sewer line acts up, it can mean dealing with messy floods, pipe wear and tear, and other frustrating setbacks. Sewer line problems can disrupt your daily routine and cause significant damage if not addressed promptly. Know how your sewer line operates and what to do when issues arise to keep everything flowing.

In this blog, we’ll delve into some common sewer line problems and the positive steps you can take to fix them, keeping your home’s plumbing in tip-top shape.

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Homeowners need to take charge of their plumbing system’s upkeep. By becoming familiar with common issues like clogs, leaks, root intrusion, and pipe wear, individuals can catch problems early, preventing them from becoming costly emergencies. Understanding repair options such as trenchless technologies and pipe relining give homeowners confidence that solutions are available to restore sewer lines quickly and with minimal disruption. With this knowledge, homeowners can proactively tackle sewer line maintenance, ensuring a dependable plumbing system for years. By staying vigilant and addressing sewer line problems promptly, they can avoid extensive damage and maintain the integrity of their home’s plumbing infrastructure.

Can you Guess the Top 5 Most Common Problems for Sewer Lines?

Sewer lines can be prone to several common issues that can disrupt your plumbing system. Understanding these top five problems can help you detect and address them early, saving you from costly repairs and damage.

  1. Clogged sewer line
  2. Cracked sewer line
  3. Offset sewer line pipes
  4. Sewer line collapse
  5. Tree root growth inside sewer lines

Problem #1: Clogged Sewer Line

Experiencing toilets that won’t flush and wastewater rising from sinks and showers are telltale signs of potential sewer line problems. Unlike minor clogs that result in temporary water pooling, sewer line blockages lead to a frustrating cycle of backup and release. Imagine unclogging your kitchen sink with a plunger, only to find wastewater bubbling up in your bathroom sink or bathtub soon after. This alternating backup pattern is a clear indicator that there’s a deeper issue in your sewer line.

Besides backed-up drains, there are several other telltale signs of a clogged sewer line to watch out for:

  • Toilets gurgling or bubbling when flushed
  • Detectable sewage odor both inside and outside the home
  • Presence of mold or mildew growth around plumbing fixtures

These indicators often point to underlying issues within the sewer system that require attention. Recognizing these signs early on enables homeowners to address the problem swiftly, preventing potential damage and ensuring the smooth operation of their plumbing.

Call a Professional Plumber at Big B’s Plumbing

If you spot any of these signs, call a professional plumber immediately. While basic fixes like plungers and drain snakes can handle minor sewer line problems, clogs are more stubborn. In such cases, hydro-jetting might be necessary. Hydro-jetting uses powerful water pressure to remove debris and clean out your sewer pipes effectively. It’s a reliable method endorsed by experts so that your plumbing works smoothly in the long run.

Problem #2: Cracked Sewer Line

If you spot lush patches of thick, green grass sprouting in your yard, it could be a sign of a cracked sewer line leaking below the surface. Wastewater carries nutrients that can unexpectedly enhance grass growth, but in this case, it’s a concerning indication!

Cracks in sewer lines can stem from various causes, such as aging infrastructure, soil movement, invasive tree roots, or external pressure. Ignoring these cracks can escalate the problem, potentially leading to more severe blockages and necessitating a complete sewer line replacement. Addressing the issue assures the health of your plumbing and prevents further damage to your property.

An Innovative Trenchless Sewer Line Repair

Repairing sewer line cracks traditionally involves excavation, where the damaged section is dug up and replaced with a new pipe. Yet, this approach may prove disruptive and time-consuming, requiring significant excavation and restoration efforts. That’s where trenchless repair methods, such as pipelining or pipe coating, come in. These methods have gained favor due to their efficiency and minimal disruption. Unlike traditional excavation, trenchless repairs only require access points at the beginning and end of the damaged pipe section, reducing the need for extensive digging. In some states, traditional sewer line repairs can cost between $3,800 and $10,000, with an average of around $7,200. On the other hand, a trenchless sewer line replacement can cost $6,000 and $12,000. Be mindful that these are ballpark figures and vary depending on what’s happening with your sewer lines.

Problem #3: Tree Root Growth Inside the Sewer Line

Tree root intrusion is a frequent culprit behind sewer line problems. Tree roots naturally seek moisture in sewer lines, including water and nutrients. As these roots expand, they can infiltrate tiny cracks or openings in the sewer pipe, resulting in blockages and impeding wastewater flow. This intrusion can escalate to full blockages, pipe impairment, or even pipe collapse with time. 

Effective Solutions for Tree Root Intrusion in Sewer Lines

The optimal solution for addressing tree root intrusion is hydro-jetting, which employs high-pressure water to eliminate roots and debris from the pipe. Moreover, chemical treatments can hinder root growth and deter future intrusion. If the damage is severe or extensive, resolving the issue fully may require excavating and replacing the pipes.

By employing these solutions, homeowners can effectively combat tree root intrusion and safeguard the integrity of their sewer lines.

Problem #4: Sewer Line Collapse

If your sewer line collapses, you’ll quickly notice several telltale signs. Alongside multiple backed-up drains throughout your home, collapsed sewer lines can lead to sinkholes, unpleasant odors, and sewage leaks, posing health and environmental risks.

Numerous factors can contribute to sewer line collapse, including:

  • Age
  • Deterioration of pipes
  • Ground shifting
  • Excessive pressure
  • Tree root intrusion

These factors underscore the importance of promptly addressing any indications of sewer line problems to prevent further damage and confirm the safety and functionality of your plumbing system.

Repairing Collapsed Sewer Lines with Traditional & Trenchless Techniques

Repairing collapsed sewer lines involves excavation to access and replace the damaged section, including trench digging, withdrawing the collapsed pipe, and installing a new pipe or necessary repairs. Depending on the specific circumstances, trenchless repair techniques like pipe bursting or lining can be considered. To determine the most suitable solution, have a reputable plumbing company assess the damage in person.

Trenchless sewer line Repair

At Murrieta Plumbing, we understand the inconvenience of sewer disruptions to your daily household routines and comfort. That’s why we take pride in offering emergency plumbing services. Whether day or night, call us, and we’ll swiftly dispatch a qualified plumber to your doorstep.

Problem #5: Offset Sewer Line Pipes

Offset sewer pipes, often caused by ground shifting, are a prevalent sewer line problem. When two sections of the sewer line become misaligned, it triggers many problems. Firstly, it disrupts the seamless flow of wastewater, resulting in blockages, sluggish drainage, backups, and potential sewage spills. Furthermore, offset sewer pipes can induce leaks because the misaligned sections form gaps through which wastewater can drip into the surrounding soil or groundwater, posing contamination risks.  

Effective Solutions for Offset Sewer Pipes

A common remedy for addressing offset sewer pipes involves employing a technique known as pipelining. This method entails inserting a flexible liner coated with resin into the affected section, then inflated to adhere to the pipe’s interior, effectively creating a new, seamless pipe within the current one. This process realigns the offset sections and restores proper flow. Alternatively, traditional excavation can be performed to physically realign or replace the offset pipe sections. Although more invasive and disruptive, this method may be necessary for severe cases or extensive offsets.

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