Basic plumbing tools for drainage issues in every Murrieta, Temecula home

Basic Plumbing Tools For Every Murrieta, Temecula Home

Have you ever experienced a plumbing problem at home that you know how to fix, but you lack the basic plumbing tools? Usually, we borrow from friends or neighbors, but occasionally, we travel to our local home improvement store and make the necessary purchase. Even though  I could do it myself, I would rather contact our neighborhood plumber just in case the worst happens.

Every home must equip itself with the basic plumbing tools required to perform essential plumbing tasks. Additionally, every tenant, homeowner, landlord, or property manager should have the skills to fix basic plumbing issues such as water heater maintenance, clear a clogged toilet, fix a toilet flapper, fix a slow drain, reset their garbage disposal, and check their water pressure.

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Every Home Should Be Equipt With The Basic Plumbing Tools

No question, a plunger should be the first tool in every home. But unfortunately, we still need to find out who created our reliable plunger. Unfortunately, no patent ever was registered, and nobody knows who created the plunger. Some claim that Jeffery Gunderson was responsible for developing the current plunger in 1932. Others assert that John S. Hawley developed it in 1874. 

Regardless, most people would concur that it is among the most useful items in our home, and it has probably saved us all from embarrassment at some point. A plunger is a straightforward tool, but it is now better due to the latest developments. For instance, our typical plunger has been modified to open drains more effectively. Check out some more cost-effective plumbing devices below.

Every Home Should Have A Plunger

Liquid Plumr® claims to have the finest plunger on the market and only costs a little under $15. The hydro force plunger swiftly and forcibly pushes water down your drains. It also comes with two different plunger heads that accommodate various drain diameters. When making a plunger purchase, consider buying a  high-quality plunger when buying one for business or home. You can make a big difference by unclogging toilet, shower, bathroom, or kitchen drains; it may change everything.

If You Own A Garbage Disposal A Jam Buster Is The Perfect Tool For Getting Out Of A Jam

A hex wrench is sometimes known as a waste disposal or jam buster wrench. Every home should have this particular wrench on hand. Drain any water still in your sink first. After that, insert your waste disposal wrench into the designated location at the disposal’s base. Now, turn the wrench using force back and forth in both directions to free up whatever is stuck in your disposal. Using force is entirely appropriate; it is advised to remove whatever could be the root of the problem. You want the wrench to move freely in both directions. At the bottom of the disposal, a  red overload button should have tripped and expanded by about a quarter of an inch. Wait a few minutes and try again if the button won’t stay in position. Before restarting the disposal, let the water drain; if it’s still jammed, repeat the procedure.

A Water Pressure Gauge Is Perfect For Checking Your Water Pressure

The third item that should be in every home’s toolbox is a water pressure gauge. If you connect it to our outside spigot, it will precisely gauge your water pressure. Your pipes and appliances are under too much stress if your water pressure exceeds 80 pounds per inch (PSI). Ideally, your water pressure should get set between  4-50 PSI. Plumbing professionals recommend the 40 to 50 PSI.  Here are some additional basic plumbing tools for typical homeowners—for Murrieta and Temecula. 

Add A Toilet Auger To Your Basic Plumbing Tools

Let’s face it: everyone has encountered a clogged toilet at some point, particularly if they have adolescents. Sadly, for some reason, teens and clogged toilets go hand in hand. When the plunger doesn’t work, consider buying a toilet auger rather than contacting your neighborhood plumber. They are excellent in your home’s tool chest and cost under $20. They are simple to use and will pay for themselves quickly. No matter which plumbing company you contact, a basic drain cleaning runs around $100. At Home Depot, a three-foot toilet drain auger costs about fifteen dollars. The six-foot auger is available on Amazon for about $25. This plumbing equipment is for the typical homeowner.

A Household Drain Cleaning Snake Can Save You Big

The Kwik-Spin drain snake is the perfect tool for clearing up small drain lines in bathtubs, sinks, and showers. The innovative Autofeed trigger makes it simple and quick to feed and retract while the drum revolves. It includes a twenty-five-foot quarter-inch kink-resistant, high-strength wire and cleans home drain pipes up to one and a half inches in diameter. The bulb saw-type nozzle at the cable’s end easily grabs the obstruction and removes it.

The cable gently descends the drain while turning the drum handle to activate the auto-feed trigger. The cable is securely fastened in the drum to prevent cable extraction. The polyethylene plastic drum is portable and won’t corrode or get damaged. The auger will clean your drain and clear it of debris whenever you pull the trigger and crank on the drum handle. Additionally, a lifetime guarantee is included. The promise rigid tools make to consumers is that they would be devoid of manufacturing and material flaws. The item costs about $40 and is the ideal tool for every home.

If A Plumbing Repair Goes Wrong, Murrieta Plumbing Is Ready To Step In

In particular, if a homeowner is skilled with plumbing tools, we advise them to handle small plumbing difficulties. They must understand when to contact your neighborhood plumbing service. For instance, the typical DIYer can handle tasks like clearing small clogs, changing a toilet flapper, and even regulating water pressure. They may also do routine maintenance on water heaters. However, Murrieta Plumbing is prepared to take over if you’re at your wits’ end trying to make a plumbing repair. For more than ten years, we have provided services in Murrieta, Menifee, Temecula, and other locations. You can find the most basic plumbing tools at your local home center or Amazon. 

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