Cracked Sewer Line? Don't Freak, Just Seek! Know the Signs and Solutions!

Cracked Sewer Line? Don’t Freak, Just Seek! Know the Signs and Solutions!

Dealing with a backed-up drain is unpleasant for any homeowner, especially when the underlying issue might be related to the sewer main. A sewer line backup can result in sluggish drains or even complete blockage of every drain in your house. In the worst-case scenario, sewage may flood your bathrooms, leading to costly repairs. Therefore, it is crucial to be aware of the signs of a sewer line problem and take early action to prevent it from escalating into a plumbing emergency. Dealing with a clogged drain is a common and easily resolved issue, but the challenge becomes much bigger regarding a clogged sewer line. Fortunately, professional plumbing contractors like Murrieta Plumbing have the expertise, tools, and equipment to detect and repair any backed-up sewer lines.

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Understanding the Indicators of a Clogged Sewer Main

If your drains are backing up or moving slowly whenever you flush your toilet, it indicates that your sewer pipe needs inspection. Clogs in the mainline are a common occurrence, particularly in older homes. A plumbing technician can thoroughly examine your sewer pipe by conducting a camera inspection. This process involves sending a camera down the line to identify the problem’s cause visually.

The Foul Odor Indicates a Leaking Sewer Line

If you detect a foul odor from your front yard near the sewer line, your mainline could have a problem. Sewer gas possesses a distinct smell often described as similar to rotten eggs or sulfur. Organic matter, like human waste and food scraps, decomposes within the sewer line, forming sewer gas. The plumbing system typically vents this gas out through the vent pipes on the roof. However, if there is a crack or blockage in the mainline, the gas can escape into your yard, leading to the unpleasant odor you are experiencing. Other signs of a sewer line problem may include slow drains, backed-up toilets, or water pooling in your yard. 

What To Do From Here

If you suspect a sewer main problem, promptly contact a licensed plumber or sewer line specialist. They can employ camera inspection techniques to diagnose the issue accurately. Depending on the severity of the problem, they may recommend repairs or replacement of your sewer line to prevent further damage and ensure the safety and health of your home and family.

Strange Sounds Coming from Your Sewer Line

Unusual sounds coming from your drains can also serve as a sign of a plumbing system problem. When there is trapped air within the plumbing system, people commonly hear gurgling or bubbling sounds. A clog or blockage in the sewer line can cause this issue by impeding the free flow of wastewater. When a clog or blockage forms in the mainline, it creates air pockets that become trapped. As wastewater from sinks, toilets, or showers tries to pass through the blocked area, it forces air through the trapped pockets, resulting in the gurgling or bubbling sounds you hear.

Addressing the Strange Sounds

Addressing any unusual sounds coming from your drains as soon as possible is crucial, as they may indicate a more serious problem. If left untreated, a clog or blockage in your sewer line can cause wastewater to back into your home, resulting in water damage, unsanitary conditions, and health risks. Contacting a licensed plumber or sewer line specialist will enable you to effectively identify and resolve any issues with your plumbing system.

Roots as a Potential Problem in Your Sewer Line

Even the smallest crack in a pipe can serve as an entry point for roots. Once inside the sewer line, roots can multiply and thrive by feeding on sewage. While a professional plumbing technician possesses the tools and technology to remove roots, they will continue growing back unless the trees are removed entirely. One effective solution involves applying a trenchless pipeline method, wherein the sewer main receives an epoxy coating. This coating provides a long-lasting solution, effectively giving you a new sewer line lasting over 40 years.

Root Removal by a Plumbing Expert

Removing roots from a sewer line can be challenging and time-consuming, unsuitable for an average do-it-yourselfer. Licensed plumbing contractors have the necessary tools and expertise to restore proper drainage. Consequently, it is important to address the issue before it causes significant damage to your plumbing system.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how roots get removed from a sewer line:

  1. Assessment: Your plumber will inquire about frequent backups or slow-moving drains throughout your home, as these may be signs of roots growing into your sewer line. Initially, they will attempt to remove the obstruction using a plumber’s snake.
  2. Camera Inspection: If the plumber’s snake cannot clear the blockage, the plumbing team will conduct a camera inspection to identify the precise location and nature of the issue.
  3. Root Cutting: If the problem is determined to be tree roots, your plumber will use a sewer root cutter or a plumbing snake equipped with a cutting blade. This method helps cut through the roots and break them up into smaller pieces. In most cases, this process will eliminate the roots, although it will not prevent them from regrowing.
  4. Hydro-Jetting: Depending on the severity of the problem, hydro-jetting may be necessary. Hydro-jetting employs high-pressure water to clear even the most stubborn clogs, including tree roots. The machine generates water pressure ranging from 3,500 to 4,000 pounds per square inch, effectively cutting through tough blockages.
  5. Repair and Prevention: After the plumbing team removes the roots, they must repair any damage to the sewer line. This may involve replacing damaged pipes or relining them to prevent future root growth. You can use root barriers or apply a root killer to the pipes to avoid future root intrusion. However, it is important to note that root killers are not a permanent solution. Additionally, refrain from planting trees or shrubs near your main line, and avoid flushing items that can cause blockages, such as grease, wipes, or feminine hygiene products.

It is worth emphasizing that removing roots from a sewer line can be a complex and potentially hazardous task, so it is best to hire a licensed plumber with experience in this area. A professional plumber can safely and effectively eliminate roots and make any necessary repairs to your plumbing system.

Contact a Plumbing Professional For Advice

Finally, identifying the signs of a clogged sewer main is crucial for homeowners. You can take prompt action and prevent a plumbing emergency by recognizing the indications early on, such as drains backing up, foul odors, and strange sounds. Hiring a licensed plumber or sewer line specialist is essential for accurate diagnosis and effective resolution of the problem. Whether it’s removing roots or conducting repairs, these professionals have the expertise, tools, and equipment necessary to restore proper drainage. It will also ensure the long-term functionality of your sewer line.

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